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Save on Brake Kits at RockAuto

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    Save on Brake Kits at RockAuto

    Have you been considering a brake upgrade? Do you want rotors with better corrosion protection to help maintain both brake performance and appearance? Does increased stopping power when towing or hauling sound like something your truck or SUV would benefit from? Now is the perfect time to upgrade!

    Through September 2, 2020, Power Stop is offering RockAuto customers 10% off on two of their popular Rotor & Brake Pad Kits.

    To see the Power Stop Rotor & Brake Pad Kits we have for your vehicle, go to the RockAuto catalog and click on the "Brake & Wheel Hub" category and look for the parts with a . Simply put a featured Power Stop kit in your cart to instantly save 10% off RockAuto's already reliably low prices.

    Thank's for that.
    When I ordered the part I filled in the vehicle details,and checked the American flag icon. I received the wrong part,and recognised straight away that it was the wrong part,and I am not an expert on parts. The picture of the unit did not show an extra lead on it.
    There has been a mistake,and I would have thought that I could have returned the part and got the right part as an exchange with any further cost for it paid for. But they want me to return the part to the returns department at cost to me and paying all taxes etc,and only when they are satisfied the returned part is in the same condition as sent will they then refund the cost of the part ( not the postage ). Then you have to re order the part required and pay for the postage for the delivery again.
    I contacted them again and asked if they had the correct part and could they let me know which one,there reply was " Check on the relative part section for the part " . Last time I ordered the part there were no comments relating to a " Federal or Californian " rating,but suddenly they have put this information on?.
    For a company such as Rock Auto yopu would think that they could be more helpful and help a customer work it out.
    And they do have an obligation to help any customer get a good outcome , and at present they do not seem very helpful.

    I am not the only one with this problem,I received a photo from another person who has had the very same problem,the photo is attached.


      To return this part to Rock Auto they require me tp pay a fee of 60.32 , but the cost of the initial delivery to me was $27.99,that is a big difference. It is called Rip OFF.