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    Originally posted by nuggets View Post
    I'd beg to differ on that last part! For us anyway....

    NGK spark plugs and Mahle filters are cheap in the UK. I think I pay about 2 a pug and 4 for a filter and that's premium stuff. No shipping, waiting or taxes
    That's hardly en masse! You can get oil cheaper over here too.. But, add in leads, caps, points, shoes, air filters, shocks, hoses, etc, and you'll be quids in.

    Originally posted by GeoffW View Post
    Probably, but they must have substantial international trade in Europe, Oz etc., the same issue affecting all. There must be others raising the same problems elsewhere so worth a prod.
    True, but but for all the people that complain about the shipping on one $1 part they'll have numerous value added orders that go through without a peep.

    Originally posted by Jollystang View Post
    Seems the more items you get the better it works out

    Much better to do a larger order once in a while and get several things you need even if you don't need them yet?
    Exactly this.
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      Suppose it depends what you class as a full service and what items you actually need.

      I did it right to start with and bought MSD super conductor leads (which I'd recommend anyone to do!) same with the distributor, upgrade to a DUI unit in either HEI or Duraspark style and you'll never have to replace it or components again

      Air filters can be had here too, brake hoses I'd recommend custom stainless ones for the same price as buying new ones in from the states! Although rad hose stuff Summit price match and then absolutely outclass rockauto on shipping, same on shocks and literally everything else.

      With summits price match it makes little sense to use rockauto unless they have something Summit can't get (in my case a Torino C6 mount) but it's rare that Summit don't have the part or eBay USA
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