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All Square Mobile Chassis Setup - Setup and Tracking service

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    All Square Mobile Chassis Setup - Setup and Tracking service

    Hi all

    Hopefully I have a service that will help some of you out.

    In April I started a small business that carries out Chassis Setup and Mobile Tracking at the customer's premises, making getting your car setup extremely convenient. The service that we offer covers toe, camber and caster, and where applicable if you have coil overs for example, can adjust ride height and corner weights as needed. If you just want the geometry checked and adjusted we can do it on the floor if you have a pretty flat surface, alternatively we have a mobile flat patch that we can setup and then adjust your car on there. Our background is motorsport, performance and classic cars so we are familiar with the equipment and have worked on a wide range of cars.

    In terms of Mustangs, we have now setup the geometry on a '64, '65 and '66 ranging from having power steering, no power steering, Shelby dropped and standard mounted top arms. According to the people whose cars we have set, they drive a lot better.

    The service is available at weekends, evenings (during the summer) and on occasion during the week. We are trying to make more weekdays available. The great thing is because we are mobile we are really convenient for resto's, SORN vehicles, track cars and businesses who can't / don't need to do their own geo work. We already work with a local American specialist and help them with their geo work during the week when possible.

    We are based in Kent but regularly travel around to work on customers cars. Our 'on the floor' toe, camber and caster service is primarily a 'local' service to close by counties to keep it affordable whereas the full service is available pretty much nationwide.

    For more information please get in touch, but give the website a look at to have a good look at what we do.

    Thanks for reading!


    Mobile Chassis setup and Tracking.... We come to you!
    Toe, Camber, Caster, Corner Weights, Ride Height, Coilovers, Restorations, SORN, Race cars, Track cars