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  • Yes, miserable job as you say with engine in situ, but should be ok. Make sure you have recovery insurance in place ! In my student days with a Vitesse convertible I suddenly had knocking big ends coming home one Friday afternoon. Got new shells next morning & fitted in the afternoon, back to Uni...
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  • superaquarama
    replied to 1968 289 - Electronic Fuel Pump PSI
    Yup, I'd go with the mechanical brigade. In all my years of driving I've never had a mech pump to fail; yes, they can get weak and the diaphragm can become porous, but they never seem to die completely - unlike elec ones. As to the apparent lack of fuel in the filter, I've seen this too but it doesn't...
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  • superaquarama
    replied to Fuel vapour block
    Yeah, had exactly the same thing on our '68 289 coming along the M54 in last summer's heatwave. Able to limp along to the destination (Ironbridge), then leaving there later in the cool of the night it ran perfectly and has done ever since. It didn't actually cut out, just got slower & slower but...
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