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Thread: (sort-of) Newbie...

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    (sort-of) Newbie...

    Hi all,

    I say sort-of newbie, as I joined the MOCGB when I bought this in 2014:

    ...which I then swapped in 2016 for an Astro dayvan (!) Definitely a head-over-heart decision as the convertible was useless for weekends away with my family. Left the Club then as Mustang ownership seemed very unlikely in the foreseeable. Promptly sold the Astro in 2017 as it did nowt for me, and was carless for a while. Until...

    ...I bought this back in January 2018! Knocking its brains out, as it turned out. Even then, I couldn't find a solid V8 manual hatch in my price range and I knew that this was a good 'un - other than the knackered engine. My good mate Alan fitted another 302 to the car and we were away! But then...

    ...this happened. Seemed like an excellent idea to have the GT for fun and the coupe for a daily. Unfortunately the coupe completely spoiled me as it was so much more practical, and didn't creak and rattle like a galleon on the high seas. So... she went at the beginning of September, to be looked after amazingly well by her new owners Jonathan and Keeley. Good timing as it allowed me to jack my day job in and become my own boss.

    So it's been a convoluted few years, Mustang-wise. I still look after the Northern Pony Club along with a band of fellow Mustang fans, look us up on FB if you're in the top half of the country And I'm now a proper automotive artist rather than just messing about with it as I have for the last ten years. Look forward to catching up with some of you next year at various events, may be there in the coupe or in my Wheels on Canvas capacity.


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    I'm lost haha.

    So you have the silver one now ?

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    Me too i think he has both
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