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Thread: Another Steve McQueen Wannabe!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark_B View Post
    Snap! Drums, no servo and no power steering. Driving is like a workout!
    Spot on!! TORTURE!! Although the brakes stopped on a sixpence one day when two bmx bandits
    flew out in front of me - the Challenger smoked all four tyres!!!

    Any thoughts on the pressures for 205/70/14 tyres that are on it??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buff View Post
    Thanks Peter - it's a great old car - my elderly neighbours can't get enough of it!!

    That's good to know re the tyre sizes. What about the wheel sizes? Should I be
    getting 15x7" or 15x6"? and what about this offset detail??

    15 x 7. I have to check the boxes of what I have for offset, I have what’s in your photo. Think it’s 3.75
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