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Thread: complete suspension kits - up to date info?

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    complete suspension kits - up to date info?

    so having had a browse through past post covering the last 10 years or so, I'm getting mixed messages regarding the common Eibach kits. Some are saying that they ruin the ride completely, others that when done properly really improve it.

    So what's the current verdict regarding a complete drop in suspension package? Specifically for a v6 sn95.

    Regarding the Eibach, am I right in thinking their 'sportline' springs are harsh, while the modern 'pro-kit' parts are good?



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    My previous Mustang (a 97 GT) had Eibach springs fitted by a previous owner.

    I ended up taking them off as if the family were in the car it was unpleasant - front was fine but the back end kept reaching the end of its travel. It was suggested the bump stops needed cutting down - that made it undriveable.

    To be fair it was running a rather wide set of wheels on the rear which probably didn't help.

    Mike at Modurstang reckoned he could sort if for me but I had a limited budget and couldn't take the chance - I could only fford one change at the time and it had to work. Returning to stock was the safest option.

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    I can't comment on eibach springs. But I will say that I put vogtland springs on my new edge and it does drive lovely on them and sits about right. I can't go to low on them so do fit my needs perfect. Worth looking into them and are a lot cheaper. Can't fault them.

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