Judging at MOCGB annual show.

We invite everyone who feels their Mustang deserves to be showcased to enter their car for judging at this year’s annual show. Entry fee is just £5.00 and can be paid in advance or on the day. If you pre-enter for judging we will send a payment request via a PayPal invoice.

The criteria that the cars will be judged on are condition, cleanliness and workmanship. The best bit of advice I can give anyone who hasn’t done this before is to make your car the best it can possibly be. More points are lost on cleanliness than any other criteria so that’s a great place to start when preparing your car for show.


The categories we are proposing for judging are as follows:


There will also be awards for:

Best Modified
Best survivor Car

The last two will be selected from the main show field by judges on a ‘walk around’

You will notice there is no Masterclass this year. This is for one year only as we are in the process of simplifying the entire process to make things easier for both potential entrants and judges alike. The plan moving forward is that Masterclass will be reintroduced next year, with winners of the categories from this year and previous years invited to show.

We have also simplified the scoring sheet bringing it down to a classic 100 point format. This will speed things up for the judges, allowing us to get around the cars much quicker and will also be a lot easier for entrants to understand.

Finally, if you have ever fancied having a go at judging then this is your chance. We are looking for volunteers to add to the judging team. Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before. If that’s the case you will be paired up with an experienced judge who will ‘show you the ropes’.

Please fill out your entry forms and either email them to me at judging@mocgb.net or hand them in to one of the judging team on the day.

Please note that all cars submitted for judging must be on site and parked by 10:00. This applies to potential judges too.

I look forward to seeing you all on the day,

Andy Phillips.