MOCGB Club Radio

The MOCGB has now purchased a radio licence for its members to be able to use compliant handheld units and radio frequencies on various member related activities such as road trips and traveling together to events. This enables members to communicate as a group to ensure that the group keeps together (nobody gets lost) and advise directions, hazards, and other messages. They can also be used at shows when you need to keep in contact with each other.

The advantages of using this new opportunity over the normal Private Mobile Radio (PMR) radios available in non-specialist shops is they have a much greater range with approximately 10x the power at 5 Watts instead of 0.5 watts. Also having High Band (170mHz) available as well as UHF (450mHz) increases the range as High Band is less susceptible to buildings, trees etc. blocking (attenuating) the signal.


£35.00 MOCGB Licence config